Brand Premium 51 byEMI Sportswear

Current Customers: Log in to view details of open orders, and to view and print and pay open invoices. Click Here to log in. Call customer service at ext 217 or email customer service to request your user id and password information if you don't know them, or they aren't working.

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Executive VP/Sales: Mark Reaves, ext 216.

Market Managers: Michele Heritage, ext 213; Jeff Benofsky, ext 228; Sabrina Hageman, ext 233.

Sales Reps: If you would like to know if there is a Premium 51 Sales Rep in your area, or you are interested in becoming a rep for us, please click here.

Call Toll Free: 800.783.9806, or locally in the Denver/Metro area: 303.530.1220.

Fax: 303.530.2555 or 303.527.1886.

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